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Sandi and Larry Jones say:

“When it comes to Betty Fry, we cannot say enough good things about her. Without Betty it would have taken us much longer to realize our dream of living in the country and having our horses," stated Sandi and Larry Jones. "We were looking for someone who really knew country property. After reading about Betty in the newspaper and seeing her billboards, we decided to call her. Betty’s knowledge, professional ethics, and genuine sense of caring about the customer came across the phone like a bolt of lightning, and we knew we wanted to work with her. Betty began showing us country homes with land and at the same time found a buyer for our home in southwest Arlington. She gave us a list of things to make our home more appealing to a buyer, and her knowledge of properties having sold and currently on the market helped us make wise decisions," continued Larry. "The showing of our home was very well managed and we always felt secure. Having purchased and sold other properties, we were delighted in how easy our closing went. There were no nightmares, no conflicts, no surprises, and it was evident that Betty always had our best interest at heart. She gave us lots of tips that saved us money on both the sale and purchase of property." commented Sandi. "Lindsey, our daughter, is unlike most 14 year old girls more interested in going to the mall or living on the phone behind the bedroom door. Lindsey find a great deal of happiness in other activities. Lindsey rides her horse often, is conscientious in the care of her animals, and actively participates in the care of our home, barns, and land. As a family, we could not be happier with school, our location, and our Realtor, Betty Fry. We just cannot recommend her often enough," concluded Sandi Jones. When it is time to sell your home, whether Arlington, Rendon, or Mansfield, contact Betty Fry for assistance.

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